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Hedge Trimming Services Melbourne


Hedge Trimming Service | Hedge Trimming Cost Melbourne



Depending on your hedge species, the growing conditions in your garden and the nature of your landscaping.

 LIGHT TRIM  Monthly

A light trim once a month will keep your hedges in shape and your garden looking tidy year round. It will also keep the labour and green waste produced to a minimum.


If your garden is more informally landscaped, or your hedges are slower growing, bringing them back in to shape with each season will keep them healthy and behaving as a hedge should.


For best results we recommend the following services at the same frequency:


Our Services 



Espie's Lawn & Order is now a leading Hedge Trimming Services Contractor in Melbourne. Give us a call to find out more about our Hedge Trimming Cost Estimates so we can get started on helping you with your next project!

Hedge Trimming Services Melbourne

Espie’s provide the ultimate in Hedge Trimming Services in Melbourne and we are meticulous about creating hedges of perfection. You may be aware that mastering hedges is among our craftmanship skills in which we excel in our artistry, precision and attention to detail. We bring our combined decades of experience to your home, country club, golf course, estate or investment property.

No job is too big or too small. We fit every budget so that the Hedge Trimming Cost fits your wallet with ease.

We get to work leaving you with perfect hedges. It’s what we do. It’s one of many reasons why our reputation sets us apart from the rest. Get with the best and then? Enjoy your freshly trimmed hedges until they’re next due for another quick trim. We’ll be there. Give us a call, drop us a line and we’ll collaborate with you to provide the ultimate Hedge Trimming Services on offer in Melbourne.

Property owners choose to grow hedges for many reasons. Comprised of closely spaced shrubs, these hedgerows could be planted to provide screening and privacy between one’s home and those of the neighbours, or they could also be grown as an integral component of a well-planned landscaping strategy for a property.

Whatever the reason, these hedges can become wild and out of control in the blink of an eye, encroaching spaces where they shouldn’t be and reaching heights even the tallest ladders can’t reach.


why you should get your hedges trimmed regularLY:

  • Increasing Foliage Density. With regularly scheduled pruning of your hedges, we can increase vigorous growth in the centre of the shrubs, thereby improving their density and aesthetics.

  • Encouraging Proper Growth. Pruning and trimming also allow for proper plant growth, preventing the branches from getting weighed down and allowing all the leaves to get the sunlight they need to produce energy. This improves the overall health and strength of the plants while encouraging them to grow with the right structure as they mature.

  • Defence against Bugs and Infection. Hedge trimming also helps control insect pests and diseases by getting rid of infected branches and leaves.

  • Keeping Your Yard Neat. Maintaining your hedges will also help reduce and alleviate encroachment into your roofline, gutters, yard, and surrounding properties, which means you’ll be able to keep your neighbours and your local council happy, too!

Our expert hedge trimmers can help you enjoy all of the above-mentioned benefits while transforming your hedges to make them the highlight of your garden once more!

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