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Professional Lawn Edging Service


Professional Lawn Edging | Lawn Edging Service Melbourne

Perfecting the art of the best-cut lawn edge is not an overnight skill-set. Espie’s combined years of experience as a team show you that we cut it right, first and every time and, importantly, on time! Melbourne is back. Garden weddings are back. BBQs are back. Outdoor sports are back. Espies are on hand to give you the lawn to not only look insta-perfect but have you calling us for the next cut, trim and re-shaping, any time your lawn needs it. Melbourne weather is part of our extensive knowledge-base too. We get how challenging it can be to maintain regular lawn care so we take the hard work out of the equation for you, so you can get back to planning and then enjoying your events and your space with the beautifully maintained lawn that your place deserves. That’s why we’re the best at what we do. That’s who we are. We’re standing by and ready to offer you professional lawn edging right here in Melbourne.

Espie's Lawn & Order offers professional Lawn Edging Services across Melbourne. Your trusted Lawn Edging Services Contractor. FREE Quote. Give us a call. Drop us a line. Espie’s Lawn Edging Service is ready to tackle your next project today!



 SPRING  Fortnightly
 SUMMER  Monthly

 AUTUMN  Fortnightly

 WINTER  Monthly


For best results we recommend the following services at the same frequency:



Edge Trimming


Creating a clean line between your pathways, gardens and driveways is what makes a lawn visually defined and truly beautiful.  

Lawn edge trimming can not only define the look of your paths, lawn and gardens but it also makes each area easier to maintain meaning it is both aesthetic and functional. It creates a barrier between open garden beds reducing the risk of grass and weeds permeating your gardens.

A fully landscaped garden will always have impeccable lawn edging to accentuate the clean lines of your garden design, layout and overall outdoor space.


Neglecting your lawn's edges can make your garden look untidy and disheveled, allowing grass to invade your garden beds, and weeds to invade your lawn.


If you have lost control of where you lawn ends and your garden beds, pathways and driveways begin, our edge restoration service will return definition to your lawn & order to your garden!



Large areas of tall grass or weeds are not only unsightly, they provide conditions that can increase the risk of fire threatening your home, cover for snakes, rodents and other pests, and if left to go to seed, spread further weeds throughout your property. 

By regularly slashing grass and weeds that cannot be reached by regular mowing, your home will be safer and your garden will be more manageable. Our experienced staff can handle large areas of tall grass, weeds and overgrown vegetation quickly & safely, so you can get more enjoyment from your outdoor space.

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