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Hedge Trimming Services Melbourne




  • Low water

  • Low maintenance

  • Self repairing

  • Quick growing

  • Drought tolerant

A cool tolerant, winter active, superior performing all-rounder perfect for public open space environments or full sun backyards with busy kids and big dogs!

Awesome at blocking out unwanted winter weeds – needs full sun and good draining soil for best results.



  • Water-smart/drought tolerant

  • Low maintenance, non-invasive with an ability to repair itself

  • Performs well in sun and part-shade and is great for blocking out unwanted weeds

  • Great for kids and pets and is the most enviro-friendly turf grass on the market

  • With a soft luscious leaf Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo is Australia's #1 selling turf variety

  • Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is the king of turf in shade and is Australia’s # 1 seller for residential homeowners. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is low maintenance, non-invasive (so doesn't need any chemicals to keep it out of garden beds) and will also thrive in our harsh hot climate with minimal water requirements. If you want to install a lawn you can guarantee will perform in all conditions. Sir Walter DNA Certified is the great Aussie backyard grass.



A great lawn starts with the prep work. By preparing your site correctly you will ensure the best start for your new lawn. Prior to turf installation, we prepare the designated area by removing all weed matter, including roots either by hand or with a spray herbicide and remove all debris from the area to ensure a level surface.


If soil is heavily compacted or in poor condition it may be necessary to cultivate the area with a rotary hoe. If the area is comprised of clay soil we may recommend applying gypsum at this stage of the process to ensure a more suitable soil composition for the grass to take root.



We recommend laying a sandy loam and cow manure topsoil mix at a depth of 50-70mm spread evenly across the area, before we roll the soil to create a firm, uniform base.


Applying a wetting agent & lawn fertiliser evenly over the top of the soil will give your turf the best chance to get established.



We take great care to correctly lay each roll of turf to ensure a seamless finish, cutting the turf as necessary to meet  cleanly with garden edges, paths and driveways.


It will take two to three weeks for your lawn to ‘knit’. That is, it will take this time for your roots to establish and bind to the soil beneath. During this time, it is important keep your lawn well watered. We will provide you with advice on watering frequency and recommend an appropriate lawn care strategy so your new lawn will thrive!

We at Espie’s Lawn and Order are set to transform your turf. Our combined expertise and knowledge surpass the rest. That’s why we’re the best; we stand by our name for it. First, we start with the prep work. This is where every great lawn begins and our turf laying service in Melbourne is known for putting in the grunt work so you can relax and watch your garden grow, with Espie’s Lawn and Order at your service. When we start a Turf Laying Service here in Melbourne’s varied and numerous, stunning lawn-spaces, we insist on getting straight to work. That’s right. We start by removing any weed matter. If that includes removing roots by hand? We do that immediately because it’s all part of the service when we complete any Turf Laying Service; it’s what we’ve been doing for years and we are bringing our combined skill set directly to you whenever you’re ready to have the best lawn on your street or at your sports club, function centre, investment property or guest-house. We also check in to see If you’re ok with us using one of our hand-selected range of spray herbicides to remove existing weeds, we do that too. Ensuring a level surface leads the way for a perfect Turf Laying Service right here in Melbourne!

Espie's Lawn & Order offer professional Turf Laying Services across Melbourne. Your trusted Turf Laying Services Contractor. FREE Quote. Give us a call. Drop us a line. Our team at Espie’s are standing by and ready to offer you the best available turf laying service in Melbourne.

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